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The Gentleman’s Journal is the essential guide to the contemporary men’s premium lifestyle, exploring the world of luxury fashion and style, exquisite accessories, art and culture, traveling destinations with a twist and confessions of niche interesting celebrities. Since its launch, The Gentleman’s Journal has explored offbeat subjects with an outlook across the world. The Gentleman’s Journal believes in discovering and reporting on the inspiring stories of the creative part of the world. The Gentleman’s Journal has successfully remained independentand it is one of the most widely read magazines in Bucharest. With its extensive, focused coverage, this is a ‘musthave’ lifestyle is to be accessible to creative professionals, young and old, business men.

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The average, The Gentleman’s Journal reader’s is between the ages of 25 and 55 years old but the general aim of The Gentleman’s Journal. The average reader gender distribution is 75% Men. The Gentleman’s Journal readers are extremely unique, sophisticated, professional and are key decision makers within the region. The Gentleman’s Journal readers are high income, generating individuals that are affluent according to our readers statistics.

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